Welcome to the MLR ALLIANCE, LLC - a cooperative organization of multi-line representatives utilizing an INNOVATIVE business model, adhering to a RESPONSIVE approach to satisfaction and dedicated to the most PROFESSIONAL means of securing sales.

We provide businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive set of solutions to meet their needs, achieve goals and obtain desired objectives.

Our company is a result of cooperation

Several years ago we determined the necessity to adapt to the ever-present changes taking place in our industry. The mundane model utilized by reps, for years, needed refreshing to meet the demands of technology, on-line commerce and the increase of mergers and acquisitions. However, the need for personal relationships is stronger than ever, so we decided to leverage those relationships by combining our years of experience.

By sharing information and expertise we have significantly and substantially improved our overall capabilities to serve our clients, becoming more effective for distributors and suppliers alike. Our ability to communicate has improved, our reach has increased and the strength of lines offered benefits everyone.

What we do.

  • Open doors to opportunities

  • Guide behavior

  • Build Brands


Our business is driven by proven principles relying on the fundamental basics that include unparalleled INTEGRITY, significant and thorough KNOWLEDGE of our industry and a sound moral compass to secure TRUST with all those with whom we work.

An innovative business model to expedite success through technology, creativity, expertise and good, old-fashioned relationships.

Our mission

"Utilizing a business structured on integrity, innovation and investment, we continually strive for excellence by providing our clients with products, programs and services to enhance market exposure, relevance, competitiveness and profitability in today’s ever-changing corporate and social environment."

By leveraging our business and social networks, we enable our customers to dedicate their primary energies to their core business activities. Our goal is to provide well-vetted options, reduce stress associated with alternatives and produce tangible, profitable results at all levels.