Service specifics

Professional Representation

We understand the value of personal relationships. Our years of communication and contacts have developed lasting and sincerely important connections well beyond the basic parameters of presentations and sales. Our primary responsibility is to provide dedicated sales skills to build brand awareness and profitable sales for our clients... both distributor and supplier. Our goal has and continues to be developing rapport leading to trust.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy brings your competitive positioning to life, and works to place and keep you in the mind of your prospects and customers. Our years of experience allow us to capitalize on the knowledge of past performance to guide future success.

Commercial Awareness

Our broader awareness of the industry allows our organization to better understand our customers and competitors, providing a wider range of information for more cost-effective and efficient options and alternatives to assist profitable sales.

Graphics Assistance

The proper design, development and/or details of a brand finalize any project … let our talented graphics team assist in any phase of the process. Whether you need an idea brought to life, a marketing piece designed from scratch or something as simple as vector art – our highly experienced graphics department can help.


Reaching your target market can be a frustrating, time consuming and expensive proposition. Let us shorten that process through a well-defined, highly sophisticated proprietary software program designed to maximize your message. A true and proven marketing tool, designed for suppliers and distributors, offering the highest ROI possible.

Event Coordination

Why be "one of many" when you can be the main attraction? With an over-abundance of industry shows featuring the same old venues and boring repetition of merchandise from a host of suppliers with questionable reputations, we understand the need for a fresh perspective. Let us create an exciting, energetic and invitation only EVENT designed to close sales.