Where We've Been

With over 100 years of combined Promotional Products experience between us, we’ve been involved with nearly every aspect of our industry. From the distributor side of the desk to corporate level positions on the supplier side, our team has amassed an amazing amount of background in this industry.

But, what’s important to you?

As independent business owners, we are entrepreneurs that have experienced the pains and rewards of building from scratch. We understand what it takes to be successful. We understand what it takes to build a business. We understand advertising, marketing and branding. We understand commitment.

As members of our local and regional associations, we understand participation and volunteering. We understand the need to become involved at every level – from local board positions to nationally accredited speakers. We understand the value of recognition and the thrill of winning awards. We understand the importance of being involved.

As mentors, we understand the need to present ourselves and our industry professionally. We understand the importance of guidance, nurturing and honest conversation. We understand the need to expand horizons and the importance of helping stimulate growth.

We also understand the value of cooperation.

Reps in other territories don’t work together – they don’t understand the value of sharing information and they certainly don’t understand the concept of working “with” their competition. We do – in fact, we embrace it. We understand the contributions of each partner, we understand the value of each other’s experience and we understand the importance of the depth of our combined relationships.

We understand how working together improves our value proposition for you!